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i find your lack of continuity disturbing

Area 42
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A spin-off comm for thisisarea42

Want to thread something but don't really want it to be game-canon? Want to do crazy shit without it affecting anything else? This is the place for all out-of-continuity wacky hijinks.

Anyone in Area 42 can post here without worrying about anyone else who is posting here. It can be a one-off thread, or you can create a whole separate AU for yourself -- the sandbox is what you make it. For example, you can play around with old plots that you or your characters weren't around for, you can bring in OCs, you can try out new characters in the base before actually apping them -- go nuts, guys!

Most of the rules for thisisarea42 apply here, especially don't be a dick. You can join with any currently-active Area 42 journals; for OCs and potential new characters, please come up with a central journal to use for all of them (name + 42, for example, but anything works as long as your profile makes it clear who you are -- just no mun/OOC journals). You don't have to use that journal to reply to posts -- just to join the comm and make them. You can reply with any journal, whether a member of the comm or not.

Any questions, drop the mods a line at area42mods at gmail dot com